At Lucky Lacquers, your first Reference Disc is only $25 with a 12" or 7" Master Lacquer order, because it's important to me that your music come out right! Play it at home and let us know if there are any changes you want! Most people want no changes. But I will EQ it the way you like though, because vinyl will never sound exactly like your CD. Well, it will sound better! I do the first Reference Acetate for $25 to help show those new to ordering records how much they can save by testing their music on vinyl before spending tons more on the Plates and then needing it re-mastered if the tests aren't approved. It usually only takes one to really know the limitations of your mix on the vinyl medium. Once I get a listen to that, I will know what, if any additional changes will be necessary to bring out the most in your vinyl release. And also remember that the Plates and Lacquers can often cost more than the actual vinyl, especially on Limited Edition runs, so be careful and get a Reference Disc cut before going directly to test pressings. Test pressings should be for testing the plate formation, not the audio. In order to dial in your mix to sound the best on vinyl that it can be, you need a reference lacquer, and I want your release to sound as good as it can.

Making a Master Lacquer is the first step in any vinyl project, after mixing down and mastering the music to stereo or mono. The Master Lacquer starts as a solid, smooth disk with no grooves. The grooves that give you the phonographic sound are then cut into the Lacquer disc on a Record Lathe. Each side of the record is cut into a separate Master Lacquer. The resulting cut is what the metal Pressing Plates are made from. The Plates are what shape each piece of vinyl into the LP that is then sleeved, stuffed and sent out to record stores and you.

The sad truth is that too many producers never order a Reference Disc (Acetate). So after they've shelled out another $500 for metal plates and test pressings, then they discover that the Lacquer was never cut correctly. And then they have to start all over again and pay twice what they originally expected for a second round of Lacquers, Plates and Test Pressings, which is usually about half of the bill for any first order.

Just remember, If you want to put out vinyl records, the Lacquer Master is the single and most important step in the process and this result will be the sound that you will have to live with on every record that is duplicated from it. To settle here, after all the effort and investment that you have put into your art would be ridiculous, but to start over with a new Lacquer and new Plates, can cost as much or more than pressing the vinyl itself. This is why you need a Reference Disc, and this is why I are offering a $25 Reference Disc with every Master order.

Dub Plates and Reference Discs are Acetates. They are 12" or 7" records, cut on the lathe for you to take home and listen to, so that you can reference your music on vinyl. DJ's typically call them Dub Plates, for immediate turntable play of their own beats, loops and mixes. Be aware that they are not as durable or long lasting as vinyl record and are intended for only a dozen or so plays. They also melt in the heat pretty quick, so keep them cool! A bit cooler than room temp is best and store them flat. They can actually flow and flatten at the bottom, if stored vertically.

Stampers & Metal Plating - I can have your plates made and sent to your record press of choice. I can also arrange to have all of your Stampers and Metal Plates sent back to you for your own protective custody. I put mine behind glass. Sometimes they make for great promotional pieces. In history, groups have been known to a number of nostalgic or even superstitious things when retiring their pressing plates or Mothers, rendering their LP or 7" Out Of Print and Limited Edition in the process. I've heard of circumstances where the Rat Pack buried plates from a record they put together, in the bottom of the Casino that it was recorded in, just before it was blown to the ground with dynamite. Almost like burying a person or loved one. It's also what they make the Gold or Platinum record out of, if you sell nuff of 'em.

A typical full-length CD can be mastered for you for about $100. EPs and 7s are typically about $25 per song. Vinyl is the simply the best medium to listen to music. It is true analog, reproduced sound the same way our Ears are meant to hear it. Sad but true, CDs and MP3's are lacking more and more personality every day, but we do also offer CD replication service. We can buy direct for you and help you save money. We can also help you get into making or custom ordering your own CD packaging. Show you how to get bulk Replicated and Screen-printed CDs of your music and save tons of doe, as well as help put a bit of personality back into your CD release. We also convert your CDs to MP3s and many other formats and Sample Rates. All of this can be done at the standard hourly rate or by custom quote. Just email us the details of your project and we will take look at everything you want and will need. Consultation is free of charge.

  • Wavelab 6.01
  • Lavry DA-10
  • Universal Audio UAD-1
  • Waves Mercury Complete
  • Macintosh & PC
  • Neumann SAL74B
  • Neumann VMS70
  • Neumann SX74

Ordering, Payment & Disclaimers

I'll do my best to help anyone out. Most of my clients have been indie and punk, but I have some hip hop, all forms of metal, tons of new wave and electronic under my belt as well as plenty of Ska clientele as well, I am open to anything.

There aren't any refunds, sorry. Unless we are grossly at fault, there is no reason that we shouldn't be paid for our efforts in helping you. If we do agree that we have messed something up and you want to go elsewhere, we will refund as much as possible, considering the expenses we've undergone on your project. If it is in fact someone else's fault, for example the Shipping Damage or DOA material, then we cannot be held responsible and will assist you the best we can to get your project back on track.

With the equipment and quality that you receive here, I should really be charging at least twice as much as I am. But this is a service is designed to help indie labels get more records out and revitalize the vinyl community, so I am keeping my fee's minimal. The vinyl industry really hangs on threads and it's something all of us love, so if your done w/ CDs and want to market your music to the world of vinyl, it is filled with the truest of music lovers. Call me if you need help figuring out how to DYI your record i.e., how to make your own covers, design your own center art, put a release together and promote it, book a tour, whatever.

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I like to promote and stream the music I am working on, so Friend me on Facebook and when your release is up on bandcamp or reverbnation, etc, share it with me and I will share it with my friends. Also a great place to hear new stuff or before it comes out. My FB page is for Lucky Mastering Customers and people I know in real life ONLY. Thank you.