CD, Digital Mastering & Vinyl Pre-Mastering

All of my CD masters can be used as Vinyl Pre-Masters. If you are a vinyl-focused band, forethought during the recording and mixing phase are recommended. The length of material, recording techniques and quality will all determine your best cutting volume. Quality of sound was virtually perfected for the development of better quality vinyl recording. It's key to have Pre-Masters as perfect as possible. I am available for mixing. My time is limited and so advanced notice is required, but if you are serious about vinyl recording, from this step in the process, I can maximize your vinyl and cd release.

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I like to promote and stream the music I am working on, so Friend me on Facebook and when your release is up on bandcamp or reverbnation, etc, share it with me and I will share it with my friends. Also a great place to hear new stuff or before it comes out. My FB page is for Lucky Mastering Customers and people I know in real life ONLY. Thank you.